Your bees:
  Your bees come from reputable breeders who are also active supporters of the ORSBA. Your package has a young, mated queen and a cluster of about 10,000-13,500 worker bees. There will be some dead bees on the bottom of your package. This is normal.

Transport and storage: Keep your package somewhere cool, preferably between 50˚ and 60˚. Don’t allow it to get colder than 45 ˚. Don’t leave the bees in direct sunlight. If you aren’t installing your package immediately, check to confirm there is enough syrup in the feeder can. Store them in a basement or garage until you are ready to install them. Do so as soon as possible.

Preparation: You will need the hive components, a hive tool, protective clothing, one gallon of room-temperature syrup made with one part sugar to one part water (by weight), a spray bottle filled with some of the syrup, and a flat thumb tack.

Have your equipment ready when before your bees arrive. Remove three frames from one side. You will place the queen between the center frames, so push the center frames apart for now.

Click on the link below for guidance on how to install your bee package.