The following instructions can be used to assemble both deep or western frames.  Assembling frames is a labor-intensive but satifsying process.  Get started now so your bees aren’t left waiting!

1.  Gather your materials.  You’ll need:  good exterior waterproof wood glue; a tack hammer; and frame nails.  It is useful to have frame nails in three sizes – 1 1/4″, 3/4″, and small 5/8″ wire nails.

2.  If you are using wedge top bars,snap off the strip/wedge (this is the scored strip of wood that feels loose) and put it aside, you’ll need to nail it back to the frame once the foundation is in place.

3.  Put some wood glue on each end of the side bars, and fit all of the frame pieces together.

4.  Hammer two 3/4″ frame nails into the bottom bar where it connects to the side bar.  Do this at both ends.

5.  Hammer two 1 1/4″ frame nails into the top bar where it connects to the side bar.  Do this at both ends.  Alternatively, you can put a nail into the parts of the side bar that sit astride the top bar.  In this way the nail is perpendicular to the lifting force.

Print6.  Perhaps the most important nail of all is a 3/4″ frame nail hammered through the side bar into the fixed wedge of the top bar (see photo).  Do this on both side bars.

7.  Insert a sheet of foundationinto the grooved bottom bar, and rest the top against the fixed wedge of the top bar.  Place the reserved wedge you snapped off in step one flat against the top bar, with one edge flush against the foundation.  Use the 5/8″ wire nails to tack this bar in place.