In-Hive Consultations



Need help with your colony?  An hour spent working hives with a beekeeping specialist can do wonders to increase your skills and experience! Contact us to reserve your time!

Beekeeping Consultation Packages
We are here to assist beekeepers with immediate needs such as pest and pathogen diagnosis, seasonal management assistance, package installation, and more.  We work to give beginning and intermediate level beekeepers benefits beyond the duration of each session. Our consultations will help you:

– Work your bees with greater confidence. You will feel less anxiety about getting into your bees, allowing you to complete necessary tasks on time.
– Identify diseases more readily, increasing the likelihood you will be able to intervene early.
– Assess mite infestation levels with more accuracy, greatly improving your colony’s survival chances.
– Read the brood nest and colony strength with more fluency.
– Be familiar with the resources available to help you become a great beekeeper.

We believe our Consulting Packages ultimately save beekeepers money, frustration, and heartache, and we are proud to offer this service to our beekeeping community.

Single Consultation Visit:  $75 (single visit plus email support about visit)

Two-Visit Consultation Package: $140 (two visits within the calendar year plus email support about the visits)

Three-Visit Consultation Package:  $200 (three visits within the calendar year plust email support about the visits)

Call 541-929-3524 or stop by our store to schedule