About Our Beekeeping Department


Our beekeeping department is devoted to supporting bees and their keepers.  We cater to beginning and experienced beekeepers as well as people interested in supporting honeybees and native bees in their own gardens and in their communities.  We provide high quality beekeeping equipment in addition to expert hive services, instruction, and support.  Your success at beekeeping is our number one priority!  We are pleased to offer a storefront where you can shop for beekeeping equipment and bee-loved plants in one location.  Try on bee suits, look at our display hives, and more.  Our store is open 7 days a week, so stop by any day to get what you need.

At Shonnard’s,  we specialize not only in beekeeping gear, but bee-loved plants as well.  We are always available to assist you in choosing plants that are beneficial to pollinators.  Stop by to see what is currently in bloom.