Pre-Order Your Roses!

Growing a rose bush provides long-lasting color in the garden as well as enjoyment! Roses can be easy to grow when planted in the right location, fed with a high bloom fertilizer regularly, watered evenly, pruned in early spring, and monitored for fungal issues (though proper plant placement and care can help prevent a lot of those issues).

What are bare-root roses?

Bare-root roses are rose plants that are in their dormant state and are widely available for purchase during the winter months (January to March). Purchasing a bare-root rose is cheaper and easier to handle. Another benefit to planting a bare-root rose is they will get established in the garden quicker and will flower in their first year.

Another advantage to buying bare-root is the great selection to choose from! Below are our availability lists for bare-root roses that will arrive in January and potted roses that arrive in April.

Bare root pre-order ends November 30th.  Lists of roses that we can order are available on our website or in the store, and we are ready to take your order today.

View our 2020 Bare Root Rose Pricing and Availability List

View our 2020 Potted Rose Availability List

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