2017 Package Bee Pre-orders Available Now!

3 lb. and 4 lb. packages of Italian or Carniolan bees are now available for pre-order.
These are packages from a reputable and respected beekeeper in California and come with bulk worker bees and a young, mated, unmarked queen.  The queen is caged, and the bees are fed sugar syrup from a canister inside the package.

2017 Package Bee Prices:
3 lb. Italian:  $135
4 lb. Italian:  $155
3 lb. Carniolan:  $135
4 lb. Carniolan:  $155

A note about packages:  You are purchasing a mated Italian or Carniolan queen.  The bees accompanying her in the package are bulk bees not related to the queen, and can be a mix of Italian or Carniolan individuals.  You will see the true genetics of your queen expressed in your bees after a few brood cycles have been completed and your hive is established.  (For example, don’t be alarmed if light colored bees are in the package with your dark Carniolan queen!)

What are the main differences between Italian and Carniolan bees?  Click here for more information about the two races. 

Bee packages will arrive in early April, date TBA.  The exact date is determined by weather in California and other delivery circumstances.  Please have your equipment purchased, prepared, and ready for the arrival of your bees.

We will send email updates as well as update our website with current information about dates and times for pickup as we know them.  However, occasionally email messages are mistakenly routed to junk mail folders, or voicemail messages don’t reach the intended recipient. If you haven’t heard from us by the end of March regarding the pick up of your bees, please call the store at 541-929-3524 or check our website for information.

A cancellation fee of $10.00 applies to all bee orders.  Purchase price is non-refundable after March 20, 2017.

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