2018 Old Sol Nuc Hives Available for Preorder

We are now taking preorders for 2018 Nuc Hives from Old Sol Apiaries.

We are proud to continue our relationship with Old Sol, and will again be offering their Standard Survivor Stock and Caucasian queens.

Nucs contain five deep (9 1/8”) frames of bees, brood, and honey with a young mated queen.  The frames will only fit inside a DEEP HIVE BOX.

Bee packages will arrive in mid May, date TBA.  The exact date is determined by weather and other delivery circumstances.  We will notify you of exact pick-up time as the date approaches. If you haven’t heard from us by the end of April regarding the pick-up of your bees, please call the store at 541-929-3524 or check our website for information.

Your nuc will arrive in a bee-tight, Oregon made wooden nuc box.  These are high-quality, wax dipped boxes with ventilation and feeding port on the lid, and make a great addition to your beekeeping equipment inventory.  Instructions regarding the installation of your nuc into a full-size hive will be provided on pick-up day.  Please have your equipment assembled and ready.

Shonnard’s Nursery
6600 SW Philomath Blvd
Corvallis, OR  97333

Interested in a nuc?  Click here to order.  Have further questions?  Please call us at 541-929-3524 or email bees@shonnards.com