Apple Varieties

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Please note that in order to get apples you must have at least two different varieties of apple. For example a Fuji will not pollinate itself, but it will pollinate a Gala and vice versa. If a neighbor (within 1/4 mile) has an apple of a different variety then you will most likely get apples.

Akane – Ripens in mid-August. Often considered the best early red. Vigorous and cold hardy. Akane shows resistance to scab and mildew. Use fresh, does not store well.

Braeburn – Ripens in mid-October. Light red blush or stripe on green. Excellent blend of sweet and tart, very crisp and juicy. Some susceptibility to scab and mildew. Great storage life.

Chehalis – Ripens in late September. Good lively flavor, fine texture but a little soft. Some susceptibility to scab and mildew.

Cox Orange Pippin – Ripens in mid-September. Orange stripes on yellow. Flavor is unique and exceptional with a fine firm texture. Hardy and productive.

Criterion – Ripens mid-October with a sweet aromatic outstanding flavor. A very vigorous type.

Elstar – Ripens early September. Medium apples are fine textured, firm, and sweet. Excellent storage life and some scab resistance.

Enterprise – Ripens early October. Red apples are sweet crisp and juicy. Very resistant to scab.

Freedom – Ripens in early October. Red apples that are sweet and tart. Very good disease resistance.

Fuji – Ripens in mid-October. Red stripe on a green apple. It has an excellent rich flavor. Some scab resistance. Excellent storage life.

Gala – Ripens in mid-September. Red blush or stripes on yellow. Strong sweet flavor and firm, crisp texture.

Golden Delicious (Yellow Delicious) – Ripens late September to mid-October. Very sweet and juicy golden apples are rather soft. Fair storage life.

Granny Smith – Ripens in mid-to-late October. Green apples are large and smooth grained. A unique sweet-tart flavor. Exceptional storage life.

Gravenstein – Ripens in late August to early September. Red striped on yellow apples that are firm, crisp and juicy. Excellent apple for all uses. Fair storage life.

Honeycrisp – Ripens in late September. Large crisp, juicy red apples are heavily produced and ideal for fresh eating. They have an excellent storage life.

King – Ripens in late September and early October. Large red apples are sweet and juicy. A favorite for baking. Fair storage life.

Jonagold – Ripens in October. Red blush on large yellow apples. They have an outstanding sweet flavor. Excellent variety for fresh eating or processing.

Liberty – Ripens in late September. Medium apples are red crisp, firm and sweet. Excellent disease resistance. Produces well on young wood.

Northern Spy – Ripens in mid-to-late October. Red striped apples have excellent flavor and quality. A good coastal variety. Storage life is excellent. Also a great cidering apple.

Pink Lady – Ripens in late September. Medium pink blushed apples are an excellent blend of sweet and tart. Resists browning after slicing and stores well.

Yellow Transparent – Earliest variety of apple in the Northwest ripening in early-August. Yellow apples are crisp finely textured and somewhat tart. Excellent cooking apple. A good fresh apple, does not store well.

Download a complete information sheet on apples, including apple varieties, apple ripening chart, apple pollination chart and apple general reference chart.

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